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Catalogue of the 6th International Invention and Innovation Exhibition MINOX 2016 is available in the bookstore at the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Akadēmijas laukums (square) 1, Riga.

Latvian Inventors' Association (LIA)

Latvian Inventors' Association is founded in 2007. Our mission is to create an environment to support inventors and encourage inventiveness in the society. Main directions of the activities are commercialization and protection of the inventions and the industrial intellectual property

Latvia is a rich country with talented and creative people. Though we are lagging behind in innovation capacity that brings new products to the market. Therefore LIA will focus on changing this situation and bringing into the market commercially viable inventions of our members. Income from the first projects will create a basis to commercialize others.

Among our prioritized projects we have selected production of hydrofoil sailing trimarans and vertical axis wind turbines. Both projects are based on many years of research and inventions that are patented.

To accelerate the realization of the two mentioned projects we are looking for interested investors and sponsors. Please contact us at the following email izgudrotaji[at]gmail(.)com and we will give you more information on specific project and get in touch with you shortly.

Innovation support fund is going to be established soon. There are two ways to be involved in the Fund: 
-         as a Customer to order supported projects' products;
-         as an Investor to become a co-owner of the production company.